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Buddleia Flutterby Flow Lavender - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm1. Buddleia 'Flutterby Flow Lavender'

The Flutterby Flow series of buddleia is the cream of the crop when it comes to groundcover butterfly bushes. With its low, spreading form and continual flowering from summer to fall, this new introduction is a real head turner.

It is also seed sterile so it is not invasive like so many of the older varieties are, and this means it does not need to be deadheaded to keep flowering.

This is a perfect plant for adding summer and fall color to a bed without hiding the rest of the plants in the bed. 1'T x 3' W, Z5, Full Sun, Attracts Hummingbirds, Bees, and Butterflies, Deer Resistant.   

Deutzia 'Yuki Snowflake' 2. Deutzia 'Yuki Snowflake'

This extra heavy blooming deutzia produces dense masses of small white flowers in the spring. It has a neat, mounded habit that makes it a very low maintenance plant that rarely requires any pruning. In the fall it puts on another show with its attractive purple foliage. Even better than all that, it is deer resistant! 2'T x 2'W, Z5, Full Sun.






3. Rose of Sharon Hibiscus 'Tahiti' and 'Bali'

Two new Rose of Sharon varieties that will bring a splash of the tropics to our northern gardens. 'Bali' features a semi-double, white flower with a bright red eye, while 'Tahiti' is a semi-double purple-pink flower with a red eye. Both bloom from July to September with flowers more resembling their tropical cousins than the typical Rose of Sharon. 8'T x 5'W, Z5, Full Sun.
Honeyberries - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm                     

4. Honeyberries

This eastern Siberian native produces elongated blue berries that are very sweet and very tasty. Their flavor is similar to a blueberry, but they ripen much earlier, about the same time as strawberries are beginning to ripen. Their velvety green leaves form an attractive, spreading bush that is very hardy and easy to maintain. Plant two varieties for proper pollination. 4'T x 4'W, Z3, Full Sun, Edible Fruit.
Hydrangea Paniculata Bobe - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

5. Hydrangea Paniculata 'Bobo'

Another great dwarf panicle hydrangea that features a more compact habit and better flower production than other varieties. Like all panicle hydrangeas, it blooms on new growth, and is a strong re-bloomer. The white flowers appear in mid summer and re-bloom until fall. As the flowers age, they take on shades of pink and red before drying out in the fall. 3'T x 4'W, Z3, Full Sun to Partial Shade.  
 Hydrangea paniculata Great Star - Reillys Summer Seat Farm 

6. Hydrangea paniculata 'Great Star'


A full sized panicle hydrangea, 'Great Star' boasts gigantic star shaped, brilliant white blooms with waxy florets and dark green leaves. The large, uniquely shaped flower panicles are sure to be a conversation piece in the garden. 6'T x 8'W, Z4, Full Sun to Partial Shade.

Hydrangea Quercifolia Ruby Slippers - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

7. Hydrangea quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers'

An intermediate sized Oakleaf Hydrangea, 'Ruby Slippers' features large white flowers that are help upright above the foliage. The flowers fade from white to pink, and finally finish a deep rose color. The dark green foliage turns a gorgeous shade of mahogany red in the fall. 3'T x 4'W, Z5, Full Sun to Partial Shade.
Vaccinium Jelly Bean - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm  

8. Vaccinium 'Jelly Bean'

A low bush blueberry bred to be grown in containers,  'Jelly Bean' is covered in dainty, white, bell shaped flowers in the spring, followed by masses of sweet, tasty blueberries in mid-summer. Its dark green foliage turns a rich burgundy red in the fall, and its reddish brown stems will delight you all winter long! This is truly a shrub with year round interest and beauty. 2'T x 2'W, Z4, Full Sun, Edible Fruit.
Vaccinium Peach Sorbet - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

9. Vaccinium 'Peach Sorbet'

A stunning new low bush blueberry, 'Peach Sorbet' features peachy-pink new growth, delicate white, bell shaped flowers, and loads of sweet blueberries in midsummer. Its small size makes it ideal for growing in containers, but it is equally at home in flowerbeds as well. The fall color is as exceptional as the new growth, turning a nice wine red. 2'T x 2'W, Z5, Full Sun, Edible Fruit.
Rubus Raspberry Shortcake - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

10.  Rubus 'Raspberry Shortcake'

This dwarf red raspberry was developed for growing in containers, but it does just as well when planted in the ground. It is thornless, making it family friendly even for the youngest gardeners, and produces large crops of juicy, sweet, red raspberries.




Cercis Ruby Falls - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

11. Cercis 'Ruby Falls'

Finally, the red leafed version of the popular weeping redbud, 'Lavender Twist' has arrived! This dramatic weeping redbud shares the same glowing pink spring flowers of the native redbuds, but also adds summer long interest and color to the garden with its wine red foliage, making it an excellent choice for small spaces that need some season long color. 10'T x 6'W, Z5, Full Sun to Partial Shade.  
Physocarpus Tiny Wine - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm   

12. Physocarpus 'Tiny Wine'

This new dwarf Ninebark is the smallest of them all! It has a very full, extra bushy habit with small, refined bronze-maroon leaves that contrast nicely with its white flowers in the late spring. The flower show is exceptional, with the dainty flowers blooming up and down the stems in a very showy display. Like all Ninebarks, the stems exfoliate with age revealing shades of tan, gray, and reddish brown making it a stricking plant even in the winter. 3'T x 3'W, Z3, Full Sun.  
David Austin Roases Munstead Wood
Claire Austin - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

13. David Austin Roses 'Munstead Wood' and 'Claire Austin'

These are the newest additions to our collection of the David Austin series of English roses. 'Munstead Wood' is a classic crimson English rose, while 'Claire Austin' is a creamy white. Both have the same great disease resistance and fragrance that David Austin roses are famous for, so if you like roses, but like low maintenance plants, these are the roses for you! 2'T x 3'W, Z5, Full Sun, Fragrant.
Acer Orange Dream - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

14. Acer 'Orange Dream'

A slender, slow growing, upright Japanese Maple, 'Orange Dream' really puts on a show in the spring. Its foliage starts out yellow tipped with orange, then fades to a greenish yellow in the summer, and changes back to a brilliant golden orange in the fall. The bark has a nice fresh green color that really stands out in the winter landscape. 10'T x 5'W, Z5, Full Sun to Partial Shade.   
Ilex Serendipity - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

15. Ilex 'Serendipity'

This hybrid Holly is unique in that it is a true dwarf variety and, unlike many of the other cultivars of dwarf Holly, it still puts on a good show of red berries in the fall and winter. It grows very slowly making it perfect for edging, rock gardens, or any other place where a dwarf evergreen is needed.



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